Permanent bio -hair straighteningand hair repair

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and used in Israel since 2010

2 in 1: Bio straightening and hair repair from ATANELLE

Atanelle is a new generation of salon procedures that permanently straightens your hair while restoring and replenishing its strength!

Впервые без формальдегида

The only one that’s formalin-free

Натуральные компоненты

Natural components

Идеальный результат в салоне

Ideal results after first salon procedure


We’ll give you supple and manageable hair!


for dark hair, levels 1 to 6,5

темные волосы
{Key features}


for light hair, levels 6 to 10

светлые волосы
{Key features}

We’ll give you supple and manageable hair!


for dark hair, levels 1 to 6,5

темные волосы
{Key features}


for light hair, levels 6 to 10

светлые волосы
{Key features}


  • • Bio straightening with permanent results;
  • • Disulfide bonds are preserved, keeping the hair healthy;
  • • Repairing hair with any level of damage and dryness;
  • • Cumulative regenerating effect after repeat procedures;
  • • Bio straightening doesn’t weigh hair down or cause hair loss;
  • • Hair is well protected from environmental factors (humidity, UV radiation).


Active biocomponent – hydrolyzed quinoa proteins rich in amino acids (cystine, cysteine, methionine, lysin).

The hair’s smooth structure is maintained with the help of two types of polymers:

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In the course of the procedure, the hair is heated under the influence of the product’s active components, which leads to the breakdown of old disulfide bonds and the creation of new ones that are locked in position in the course of ironing.

The hair is straightened because the sulfur-containing quinoa amino acids are bound to the hair’s disulfide bonds, and this “joint” keeps the hair straight.

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After the bio straightening procedure, the hair:

Looks healthy and beautiful!

Remains thermoactive, making it possible to style it any way you like!

Preserves the hair root volume.

New hair growth retains its natural structure.

Can be bleached, colored and highlighted.

25 000 successful procedures

До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления
До и после выпрямления

The straightening and hair repair procedure is excellent for:


Very curly or Afro-texturedhair


Long tangled straight hair or lightly frizzy hair


Hair with any level of damage


Hair with split ends , that have to otherwise be cut off


People who have to blow-dry or iron their hairon a daily basisin to order to maintain the shape of their hairstyle


Hairafter any kind of aggressive intervention (perm, keratin or chemical straightening)

The brand’s founder, Emil Atan

Emil Atan
  • World-class hair stylist;
  • Winner of the 16th INTERCOIFFURE International Festival;
  • Professional with 15 years of experience;
  • Owner of a specialized hair salon in Israel.

In 2010, working together with Israel’s leading chemists, Emil Atan created a new generation salon formula for hair straightening.

In the process of testing several product prototypes, the specialists determined the optimum content of the active component that ensures the best results.

Following that, the bio straightening and hair repair treatments with WOW effect were put into production.

Questions and answers

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What can be done if the method was somehow compromised in the process, and the procedure failed?

The procedure can be repeated right away. There is no limit to the number of times an Atanelle bio straightening procedure can be performed. In fact, each procedure hasa cumulative repair effect.

This significantly distinguishes Atanelle from keratin straightening, which can only be repeated three months later, with the waiting period extending after each procedure.

What are the principal differences between Atanelle bio straightening and keratin straightening?

The effect of the keratin straightening lasts between 6 weeks and 3 months, subsequently fading away and leaving the hair in a worse condition. The bio straightening procedure offers a permanent effect, with hair looking better than prior to the procedure and unable to revert to its previous structure. Keratin straightening procedure melts the hair ends, while Atanelle bio straightening doesn’t do this, so you won’t have to cut the ends and can grow the hair to any desired length. Unlike keratin straightening, Atanelle bio straightening doesn’t weigh the hair down and won’t cause hair loss.

How is it different from chemical straightening?

Chemical straightening most often makes use of harmful alkaline products that destroy the natural disulfide bonds in the hair structure. This is why, soon after the chemical procedure, the hair loses its luster (although it remains straight) and looks worse and worse over time. There’s also a risk of overexposing the hair to active components, leading to hair damage and the need to cut it off.

Following Atanelle bio straightening, the client is always left with permanently shiny and resilient hair that’s easy to brush and style and keeps its shape even in high humidity.

Is it possible to undergo a permanent bio straightening procedure following aggressive procedures such as keratin or chemical straightening or perm ?

It’s not only possible, it’s recommended, because this treatment can repair the hair structure from the inside, leaving the hair resilient and supple, and encasing each hair in a protective capsule.

Can the hair be dyed right after the bio straightening procedure?

This is possible, but radical hair color change isn’t recommended, and the chosen color should be close to the client’s natural one. The use of permanent pigments on full hair length isn’t recommended either as it may lead to the hair losing its luster. The hair tone should be maintained with demi-permanent and semi-permanent pigments. The use of permanent pigment on grown-out roots is possible to help achieve even hair color.

Can the bio straightening procedure provoke hair loss?

The permanent bio straightening procedure cannot cause hair loss because the product does not come into contact with the scalp or hair bulbs. At the same time, the treatment cannot prevent hair loss if it began before the procedure.

Because the hair no longer becomes tangled after the procedure and therefore is easy to brush, there is no additional pulling of the hair during the brushing process. This may lead to the visual impression of hair loss following the procedure.

Is it possible to use the bio straightening procedure on hair that was previously color-treated with henna or basma?

Generally, henna and basma penetrate the hair structure very deeply, which means that a decision on the procedure can be made only after the stylist tests the treatment on a strand of previously colored hair. If both the client and the hair stylist like the result, the procedure can be used for the full head of hair. Keep in mind that following the procedure, the test strand will look the same as the rest of the hair.

How does the bio straightening procedure affect the resilience of hair color if at all?

During the bio straightening procedure, the porous segments of the hair cortex are “sealed” and covered in a protective film. This protective film also seals the hair’s color pigment, which means that the coloring effect actually lasts longer.

Can the correction be applied to hair roots only?

It is possible, but we recommend performing a repeated bio straightening procedure to the full length of the hair, because the greater the number of layers, the better the quality and the look of the hair.

Can the bio straightening procedure be applied to hair extensions?

This is possible but only if the extensions are made from 100% human hair and there are no artificial strands. The product itself and the ironing should be applied at a distance of 2 cm below the capsule.

Are there any specific considerations that have to be kept in mind when bio straightening gray hair?

The bio straightening procedure for gray hair should follow the same protocol as for bleached hair. The stylist should use the REJIBLONDE product, apply the treatment to the full length of the hair and iron it at reduced temperature. It should be pointed out that this procedure can also be used for so-called “brittle” and coarse gray hair.

Can both of the Atanelle products be used on highly damaged hair?

Neither of the products can further damage even the most damaged hair, even if the hair heating stage is overextended for some reason.

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Are you a hair stylist and want to train with us?

The training process includes both a theoretical and a practical part with a step-by-step drilling of the procedure protocol on live models. After the training, the stylists receive diplomas that give them the right to use the products and purchase them from the distributor. The brand’s specialists offer one year of free consulting support to all the trainees.

Do you want to distribute this product?

We invite the companies that specialize in supplying cosmetic products to hair and beauty salons to consider the opportunity of becoming an Atanelle brand’s exclusive distributor in your country. We are confident that the presence of Atanelle innovative products in your portfolio will strengthen your position on the local beauty market.